Monday, 21 April 2008

Updates- 8 months and more

Wow I cant believe it has been so long since I have made a proper entry. I guess it is due to a combination of things inc. So it will take me a while to update you on what has been going on. I will probably have to keep updating my entry as for some reason I cannot save draft posts.

Well my locs are now 8 months old 2day. Time has really flown by. In fact I didn’t even register that I had reached 7 months. One day I was just like, hang on it was the 21st the other day, that means I have reached 7 months locked. I had been meaning to update regarding the hair class, my first DIY, which I guess I will do now.

I was really nervous and excited about doing the hair class. I was excited as doing my hair myself would give me total freedom. I was nervous as I would be doing my hair myself and it has not been something that I have ever been good at. I was also scared that I would mess it up. But Liz wouldn’t have recommended me doing it unless she thought I would be able to. There was 5 of us all together doing the class. One girl had micros, I don’t know how she would manage to do it. My locs ain’t small and I found it hard enough. Out of the tools I don’t like the hook tool. I find the clip tool much easier to use, although I find that it pulls on my loc where it is attached. It may be bcos the ends are still loose, I don’t know. Another problem I find is that bcos the end is quite wide it can be hard to get it through the loc when it is close to the scalp. A few time I have gotton it stuck and I’ve had to really wiggle it to get it free. I don’t know if I will get another tool. I know people have used latch hooks and they are cheap and as far as I know easy to use. But I have heard that it can catch in the loc, so I am not sure yet. I was also thinking of getting a nappyloc tool. However this video was posted in one of the groups that I belong to, and this lady made her own tool similar to the nappyloc tool and it is cheaper and it seems to do the job. So I dunno if I will give it that a go as well.

One thing i dont like about doin my own hair is that it takes so long. I love just going to Liz sitting for 2 hrs and Booyah its done. And it hurts my arms holding it up there. But that is to be expected. There are sacrifices that have to be made. You loose in one area you gain in another. So although it takes a while i have the freedom of doin it when i want. So if i notice a loc is slippin i can put it back in myself. I was scared that i had messed up my partings esp at the front. I thought i'd paid alot of money to get SL bcos of the partings and i didnt want to mess them up. I went to Liz to get it checked out after my first DIY and she said it was fine and that i did a good job :D. I do find the back easier to do than the front. I dont know what other's experience is. I am expecting to loose a few locs. A few times i joined two locs by a few strands, so i had to cut the strand to seperate the locs. As it was only a few strands i am hoping it wont be too bad. However i did create a two-headed dragon and for the life of me i coudnt seperate them. So in the end i had to cut them , so i am left with two skinny locs at the roots and fatter at the ends. So i expect they will break at some point. To be honest i am not really that bothered. I r'ber when i lost a loc early in the journy (see previous posting) and i was totally gutted. Yes, i dont want my hair to be falling out and i want to maintain them proper, but i realise that it's jus hair, not the end of the world and it will grow back. So i dont sweat it.

Ok i will continue this entry another time. It's a pain not being able to save draft posts. But hey that's life and maybe it will be easier to read coming back rather than reading one long post. Dunno.

The pics below are taken from the SL meet-up that we had yesterday – to be continued

Oh dear i can't r'ber what i was going to say, never mind. The meet-up was good though and it was good to see other fellow sisterlockers.

Me and my lovely consultant Liz

Me and Julie, who is another consultant. Loving the Colour

Me and Lady Den

Whoops i have forgotton their names. But they are fellow clients of Liz

Florence and I. We did the hair class together

Liz's daughter

I bought some soft spikes at the meet-up and below are pics of my first try. Must say i am loving them. Although i do not find them comfy to sleep in. But then again i have never slept in the normal hard rollers so i don't know how they compare. Others say soft spikes are much better.