Sunday, 21 October 2007

I lost a loc already :(

One of my locs has dropped off Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I was soo sad when it broke off. As my locs are not mature i didnt think that it could break off but it seems like it can.

After i washed my hair on Friday i noticed one of my locs had slipped and had what appeared to be a knot on the end (see pic below). I didnt think much of it and i just thought that Liz would jus retighten the loc at my next appt

But yday when i was at church the end just fell off. And i know that ppl would think that i must have been pulling it but honestly I wasnt. Upon closer inspection it looks like what i thought was the knot was dirt matted in the hair. Why its there i dunno as i have washed it. Maybe its cos i cant do i really good scrub. I don't really know. The pic below is the part that came off.

Below is a pic of what is left after the end dropped off. I spoke to Liz and she said that it happens, locs can drop off and not to stress it. I just wasnt expectin it this early in the game

This last pic is jus the top of my locs. I tried to get a good texture shot but it didnt quite work out. My locs seem bumpy. Hope it is all jus the natural process of my loc journey. I am 2 months locs so i dunno if the bumpiness is the beginning of the locs forming ie buds. I dont know what they look like. I try not to stress it too much

Thursday, 18 October 2007

My First Wash

This pic was taken 4 days ago at my friends graduation celebration. I like it so i thought i would add it on here.

Well i decided to wash my hair. I wasnt going to wash it until before my next retightening but it was dirty and i wanted to wash it. I have been using a few drops of witch-hazel in my spray bottle which I use every day to spritz my locs. I could have put some on a cotton pad and cleansed my scalp that way but i wanted to wash it. I was really nervous about doing it correctly as this is my first time. I also wanted to do an ACV rinse but i didnt know the concentrate or whether to do it before or after the shampoo. I tried to find some info on the net but wasnt really sucessful. In the end i decided to use the ACV that i had from week two. i'm not sure if it had gone off as it smelt a bit funky, prob as i had left it on the window-sil even though my blinds are usually drawn.

I braided and banded my hair. I think maybe i will try some smaller braids next time and i will use different bands. I think i may have done the braids too tight, not too sure. Anyway this is my first time and its a learning curve. The pics below are the result of my B&B

I was a lil worried about those lil ones at the bottom as i cudnt get them in a braid

I mixed the SL starter shampoo from the starter kit in a spray bottle 1:1 with water and washed my locs. I sprayed it inbetween each braid and on the scalp. I gently rubbed each braid to get the scalp clean and also around each braid. I am not sure if i diluted the shampoo too much as it didnt seem to lather. After i had shampooed twice i sprayed my hair with ACV and covered with my cap while i finished washing. I do not know how long you should leave the ACV on for etc but this is what i did. After i washed myself i rinsed it out. I made sure i really rinsed it as i was scared that i would leave product in my hair. I used a towel to get the excess water out and then i took out each B&B and seperate my locs. I hope all is ok. The pics below are taken straight after.

Ok i know this pic is bad as i am in shadow but i still like it and its my blog LOL

One thing that is worrying me a lil is that as i write this i have put my hand is my hair as its damp so it makes it itch. But my fingers feel sticky like i have put grease in my hair when i know that i havent. I know that i rinsed it out properly. I hope that its jus my mind playin tricks on me as my hair is still damp.

Friday, 5 October 2007

I Feel Pretty Oh So Pretty!

LMAO! As you can see i am a lil mad but i still feel pretty in this pic :oD And yes i can move one eye ie go cross eye with one eye while keepin the other str8. Been able to do it since i was young. Some ppl find it freaky. I think its kool jus wish i could do it with the other eye as well

Well I have just got back from my first re-tightening. Liz says that my locs are coming along beautifully and that they have filled out. The re-tightening only took 2 hours, she is soo quick. She also gave my hair a quick wash. It soo nice to be FRESH AND CLEAN! My hair feels sooo soft and light, I jus love it. Because of the wash my ends are curlier which i find cute. I am a lil nervous about doing my own first wash but i am sure that i will be fine. Not really much to say jus over 6 weeks locked.

The collage below is pics of b4 and after the retightening. The ones of me in the pink top are taken the day b4. The ones in the blue top are taken as soon as i got in from the re-tightening so my hair is still damp in the pics. I didnt realise that i pose the same in my pics so I managed to get matching pink and blue ones. If it is showing up small if you click on the pic it should come up bigger.

Jus more pics of me messing with my cam as i was sooo happy as you can tell with that BIG cheesy grin

That's all folks.
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