Monday, 8 December 2008

21 Again

Last Monday (01) was my birthday

I was surprised by my friend with a meal and then we went to see Chicago up the west End. I didn’t know where I was going but told to dress up. I curled my hair with soft spikes and then I put 3 flat twists in one side. Intially I was going to put both sides of my hair up but I thought it looked nice like this.

This pic was taken by my sis Sat gone and i thought it showed my locs nicely so i decided to add it. I think it's a good texture shot. You can see the frizziness of my ends

Not much has changed with my hair since my last post. I'm now locked 15 months. The other day i was chatting with a colleague at work who aslo started dreds but with the tradtional method. She loves my locs for the fullness and frizziness. I love the look of hers because they seem sealed and hang nicely. It's funny how we're never satisfied. Anyway i'm learning to love my frizzy, I know it's just the texture of my hair. But a few days after a re-tight it looks messy again. I love seeing the parts and when it's just been done and my colleague hates it, such is life. I still have some that slip at the roots, I think they are rebelling LOL. I saw Liz for a re-tight and she said my hair looks good, the DIY is good and there is no probs. I had started B&B again but she said there is no need as it's to stop hair slipping at the end not the roots. Still getting dry scalp so tryin to find something for that. That's all really nothing much as changed.

Sat gone (06) I went to a roller disco to celebrate my bday. I thought it would be something different. I can't skate but it was a good laugh.