Thursday, 21 February 2008

6 Months Locked WOOHOO

Wow i have been locked 6 months 2day, woohoo. The time has flown by. I havent really got that much to say right now, or it could be because i am tired. Happy that my hair is locking and I am excited about taking the class in 2 weeks time. Not much has changed with my hair since my last post or my hair routine. I spritz my hair with water with some drops of rosemary EO and sweet almond oil. I haven't conditioned my hair yet, maybe i will try it. Although my hair is locking i am still scared that there will be some slippage, so i dont want to try that yet. I will double check with Liz when i go to the class. Hmmm ok i have nothing else to say. Oh yeah on a different note my glasses broke 2day as i was cleaning them the frame just snapped. I was not impressed at all. Lucky i have contacts but i dont wear them often. Ordered 2 new pairs, it was buy one get one free, but they wont be here til next week. My hair is in need of a wash at the mo but i am waiting til 2mo after my workout. I also want to do some bantu knots for Sabbath, i'll see about posting some of those pics as well. Nothing much else to say but if i think of anything i will add it later. Although i am not convinced that people actually read the writing.

These two pics were taken last Saturday. I decided to try a little styling. I havent done this style since i had relaxed hair. I got quite a few compliments.

Comparison of my locs on day of installation to 6 months. How you think my locks are doin??


As promised here are pics of the bantu knot out that i did for church 2day (23:02:08). I got quite a few compliments for the style and i am pleased with the way it turned out. Ppl said i looked different, i am not sure want they are talking about. Maybe its cos i am not wearing my glasses. Maybe its cos my locs are curly although i have worn this style before. Maybe its bcos i decided to wear make-up. Maybe its a combination. One person said i looked about 16, which i dont see at all. How old do u think i am?

Monday, 11 February 2008

I've been tagged,

Ok well i have been tagged twice in one evening. I do not fully know what i am meant to do but i will give it ago. As i understand it i am meant to copy and paste the instructions from the blog of whoever tagged me. I am not 100% certain of how to link the ppl who tagged me but i will try. I was tagged by Kisha and also Tamara

1) Link to the person(s) that tagged you.
2) Post the rules on your blog.
3) Share 6 non important quirks/things/habits about yourself.
4) Tag 6 random, people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. (Her link is posted on the right side of this page)
5) Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a post on their blog.

Ok here are the 6 things about myself

  1. I hate talking about myself as i never know what to say. I prefer to answer specific questions so that you get the info you want. I hate it when ppl say to me, so tell me about yourself, to which i usually reply what to do want to know. But on the other hand i hate answering a load of questions that i think i am completing a survey
  2. I am a shy person and i can quite easily go somewhere new and not speak to anyone but that is sommit i am working on. I've been told i am mad when you get to know me
  3. i can get really bad road rage and its the only time i swear which i hate as i dont want to swear. Middle lane drivers bug me, move over you aint over taking anything and stop forcing everyone else into the 3rd lane to over-take you properly. I have been know to under-take, which i know is naughty. Also ppl who move infront of you and then dont go anywhere, move over. Tail-gaters, yes your car may be faster than mine but if the middle lane drivers moved over i wouldnt need to be in this lane, back off. However, i am not to bad in traffic jams as we aint moving, its when i can be moving and some idiot is crawling along in front of me. Anyway, deep breath and onto the next one LOL
  4. I also hate stupid fwd emails. Things that are thought provoking i do not mind but silly things bug me. I doubt very much that Bill Gates is gona give you a dollar for every person you fwd the email to, i dont care if the world will implode in the next 5 mins if i do not fwd this to everyone on my list, hotmail is not closing down and i do not need to fwd to everyone to show i still use it, fwd petitions are a waste of time as it just becomes fragmented as ppl fwd it it needs to be centralised. and the list goes on
  5. I love chocolate-chip cookie dough Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream, mmmmm yummy
  6. I am a Seventh-day Adventist Christian
Ok now i have to find 6 random ppl to tag. I am sure that most ppl have already been tagged so i am on the hunt: Kathryn, Sunsail, this is so hard as everyone seems to have been tagged already Fee, loveablelocs, Elizabeth, and Cashana

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Funky Grey Goo

Today i was due for a re-tight and it needed it. I was washing my hair in preparation and i noticed that i had some funky grey goo on my scalp which surprised me as i have not used any products in my hair. I was a lil worried as i didnt know what it was. I was using my JML tingle shampoo but bcos of this goo i used the IC pure tea shampoo to clarify it and then i did an ACV rinse and it appears to have gone. What is weird is that it did not look like dirt so i dunno wot is was. I did mention it to Liz and she said maybe my hair needs a good wash. Pics below but not very clear

Anyway, Liz said my hair is locking so i was happy as i didnt think it was yet. As my ends dont look like they are sealing and i still have curly qs i didnt think the process had started yet. But Liz thinks my ends will be unsealed for a while yet. And i r'ber Michelle from the meet-up ends were still unsealed after 3 yrs. But what made my smile even bigger is that she is doing a re-tightening class in March and she said that i can take it, WOOHOO!! I am a lil nervous about maintaining my hair myself but i know it will be total freedom. Liz said that my hair is comely along nicely, which is gd as i was doubting it. She also said i can more or less do what i want to do with my hair now, i can style it, condition it but i think i will hold off still for a bit. Although i may start using oils to moisturise it. So at the mo i have a silly big grin on myself and i am excited. I am 16 days shy of my 6 months locaversary. I was thinkin of puttin pics on now but i will wait til then