Monday, 5 April 2010

31 Months - Catch-up

Hey Everyone,

Happy Easter!!

I know it has been a long while since I’ve updated my blog but I’ve been mad busy. I’m taking a breather from my research and I thought I would take the time to do a quick update.

I’d been considering dying my locs for a while now and Nov 09 I finally decided to do it. I used Crème of Nature ragin red.

I was aware of it containing ammonia and I weighed it up for myself. A few things that influenced my decision were: most permanent hair dyes contain ammonia. I had tried an organic one and had a bad reaction. I’d read up on ammonia in hair dye and I considered that as long as I kept my hair moisturised I should be ok. I must admit I was a little nervous as I hadn’t done a DIY dye for years and the last one was one when I had a TWA. It went ok but the ammonia was overpowering. I was concerned about leaving any product in my hair and I rinsed for an hour. Trus that was not funny as I had a cold at the time and felt so faint. The instructions said to rinse until clear but it never seemed to get clear even after an hour so I left it feeling certain that it must be all out. Later speaking to a friend and my consultant I was told that there would always be a little colour coming out. I took this as read as initially I wasn’t using shampoo specifically for coloured hair and the shampoo was clear. However, last Tuesday when I washed my hair as I decided to do a clarifying wash as I had not done one since I’d dyed my hair. When I clarify I use bicarb of soda as to me this is the best thing. However I think I smelt a hint of ammonia, which really shocked me. It’s been over 4 months since I dyed my hair and I’ve washed it since then. The shampoo was not tinged red and I thought if any product had remained in the hair it would have eaten through but I haven’t lost any locs. I have not noticed any adverse affect on my locs. Hmmmmm. My consultant said that maybe there was faint product left in. What do you think??

Below is a close up of the colour. It wasn’t as red as I hoped it would be more reddish brown, but I recognise that it will take a few goes to lift the colour.

Well my locs are now 31 months old woohoo!!! The pic below is a comparison of my locs from top: day installed, @12 months, @18 months, @24 months @31 months.

Erm that is it for now my mind has gone blank if I recall what I wanted to say I will edit it