Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Longest While - 11 Months Locked

Wow time has really flown. I can't believe its been 3 months since i did my last entry and i can't believe i've been locked ELEVEN MONTHS! WOW! Next month will be my first locaversary woohoo!

Well i have been mad busy as i am doing my doctoral training so it has taken up so much of my time. I am finished for the mo, phew! I haven't really focused on my hair as i've been too busy, i've kinda left it to do its thang. However i know realise that maybe i did the hair class at the wrong time. Oh though i am glad i did it i am behind on my tightening so my hair is all over the place. Some are tightened and others need to be tightened, its not uniform. I would start a section get bogged down with assignments, few weeks would past before i do another. Not the way to do it at all. But its my fault as i should have just contacted Liz to see if she could have fitted me in. I dread to think what i have done to it. Well i have an appt in Aug so i will get the news then.

Ok i've noticed a few funny things about my locs probably due to poor maintainence. The pic below was taken in June and you can see that its skinny in the middle. Dont know why. If i r'ber correctly i pulled the bottom half off as i couldnt see the point in having it hangin on. I have a few locs that are skinny at the root and fat at the ends. But i think that is due to me marrying locs and when i tried to seperate them i had to cut a few strands.

The pic below is of two different size locs i had, skinny and fatter next to each other. Don't know how that happened

I've also noticed that my ends tend to break. My hair never broke this much before i was locked. Someone suggested that maybe my hair is dry so i need to get some oils to moisturise it. I was using fresh rosemary that i had boiled, strained but i dont see any difference. I do have some sweet alomond oil and some EO but i have used them before and they dont seem to work. Maybe i need to go and buy some ready mixed ones. I still spray my hair with water almost every day. The pic below are clumps of knotted ends that i pulled off one time after i had washed my hair. I tend to notice them more after i have washed my hair. I have always hated the curly qs i guess its something i have to put up with til my hair seals or i have some length and can cut it off. I did wonder if they were buds but i dont know really what they look like. Plus i thought buds started in the middle not at the ends

So on the whole not much to report my hair is just doing its thing. My friend took a pic the other day and i was like, wow my hair is locking and it looks good. When i get a copy of the pic i will post it so you can see. But i will defo post my yr pics


These pics were taken at the end of June but you get some idea of the way my hair looks. Sorry had to black out the baby but you can still see the locs.

This is the pic i was talking about when i looked at it and thought, hang on my locs look pretty good. The pic was taken last Sat. Dont ask me what i was doing as i don't know, my friend is just trigger happy and is always snapping pics