Friday, 14 May 2010

Goal Achieved

Whoop Whoop I've managed to get my hair in a pony tail!! The other day i thought I would just give it a go and i was surprised that it went into a pony. I used my hair tie to gather the hair. I now understand what my consultant was saying about my hair being thick ie i have a lot of hair. I was just so happy :oD

As you can see my locs need retightening and i will get them done on Sunday.

Well this was just a quick post.

Oh yes i remember now what i wanted to say previously. I had noticed that my hair was getting longer. If i dont wear my glasses it's all in my eyes. It constantly gets in my mouth esp when i am eating. I tend to tie it up when i am home. One time i noticed it moving in the wind and i was just soo happy. I was just like wow that is my hair, all my hair. I saw some people i hadnt seen since my locs were smaller and the were surprised with the growth. It's coming along nicely. My roots need doing but not sure when i will do a colour just yet.

Well that's all folks.
One final word I LOVE MY LOCS!!!!