Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Four Years


Happy Locaversary to Me

Ok technically 2 days ago (21st) was my loc birthday but I have reached 4 years. Wow the last year has flown by. Sorry haven’t updated my blog but I have been mad busy with my doctorate and trying to get going on my thesis. On the home straight so hopefully will be finished soon

Below is a comparison from year one (top) to year four (bottom). I love comparison shots. I’d forgotten the frizziness that I experienced in the early stages. I was actually convinced that my hair hadn’t really grown this year. I knew it must have done as I had roots from my re-dye but I really didn’t think was a great deal. People told me it had grown but I didn’t see it. When I compared year 3 and 4 I was like WOW my hair has grown! In fact even now I can’t stop looking at it. I don’t know what prompted me not to wear my usual necklace. It was a little tradition with myself each anniversary but this time I haven’t.

Below close up of locs taken from the side

Not much has changed with my hair routine. Still go to my consultant for re-tight every six weeks. Oh yeah last re-tight she gave me a groom. She said i have unruly hair which i have to agree with as i had hair sprouting everywhere. My hair defo looked neater but to me it looks thinner. No change in my shampoos but I wash weekly. In fact recently my hair has felt itchy and I want to wash it more often like every few days. I do not know the cause of the itchiness but it is really annoying. Maybe I need to use more oil on my scalp. I do drink enough water so I don’t think that is the cause. I don’t seem to get the funky white goo any more. I have recently bought natural organic shea butter and I am using it on my locs with my oil blend. I melt it first so I don’t get build up. Anyone who uses or seen shea butter will understand. My sister is considering sisterlocs which is amazing. I never thought she would leave the creamy crack. But she seems to be transitioning to natural and seems to be loving it. So time will tell. A few others have made noises but nothing so far. It’s not that I am on a mission to get everyone into sisterlocs as it’s a personal choice, do what is best for you. I just want others to experience the joy, freedom and love I feel with my locs.

So I dyed my hair again in Jan the same raging red as last time. I had bought 4 boxes so had 2 left over. Once again the colour has washed out so I am left with a brown. I don’t mind the brown actually. Not sure I will dye it again or not? Below are pics of when it was dyed.

I am trying to do a lil more styling with my locs are few pics below.

Lockhawk 2011. Click here for lochawk 2009

Just a quick update

Stay locked and happy