Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Bantu Knot Out

Last Sat i created a bantu knot out and i thought i would share it with my blogging family.

I washed my hair the Friday morning. I used IC pure tea shampoo for the first wash followed by IC Aloe shampoo for the second. The Aloe shampoo is something i have started using recently & i do like it. I the conditioned with the JML protein conditioner. My hair felt soft, however i have noticed that my scalp is drier than it used to be. I don't know if it's the shampoo or something else. I use oil on my scalp, usually JML cactus oil or olive oil. I spray my hair with water mixed with cactus oil (not every day) & sometimes rub some of the JML island oil on my locs. It should be moisturised, so i don't know. I do need more water in my diet, maybe that is it (but that is a whole other story, read my other blog if you want some info). After i washed my hair i had to pop out to docs, i had food poisoning and had to leave a stool sample (that is the weirdest thing i've ever done). It's cleared up now so i'm happy about that, lasted a week. Anyway i digress, when i got back from the docs i sprayed my hair with setting lotion and set about puttin the bantu knots in.

I took the bantu knots out on Saturday morning and i was like WOW look at the curls. I LOVED it. I simply wore a headband. The next day i noticed that the curls had dropped a lot. I was disappointed because i'd used the setting lotion i thought the curls would have lasted longer. I don't know if not having my hair net contributed to it. I got my friend to put some cane rows in the front for me. One thing i can't do is plait not matter how much i try. I did do flat twists but i wanted to try cane rows in the hope it will last longer and look neater. Unfortunately i think she did them too tight as my scalp was sore so I had to take them out Tues.

Not much news on my locs, they jus doing their thang. I'm 14 months locked now, time is flying by. I re-tighten every 3-4 weeks. I was wondering if locs can slip at the roots as a few of mine seem loose after i wash it & i know it's not re-growth.

Instead of putting loose pics i've added a slideshow.