Thursday, 21 August 2008

1 Locaversay - Happy Nappy Day

Wow I can’t believe that I have reached one year locked already. Happy 1 Locaversary to me.

I don’t really know what to say. I know some people have seen it as a real journey and have learnt so much about themselves. I almost want to say something deep and profound but I won’t. As I said in my last post I started my doctoral training basically at the same time I started my loc journey. Over the last 6 months or so my training took president over my hair, so I kinda just left it to do its thang. One thing I would say is that I have passed the first year of my training which is equal to a MSc. But to be chartered I need to complete my doctorate. I am talking a year out for one reason or the other, which I won’t go into right now. I just thank God that I made it through the first stage and I know he will see me through the rest.

I saw my consultant last week and I was scared that she was proper going to tell me off but she didn’t. All she said was there was a lot of re-growth, which I kinda knew already. Took 3 hours to do instead of usual 2. Mind you that did include someone else’s hair she was cutting and setting. She urged me not to leave so much growth as it can make the locs look funny. I think I only lost 2 locs below the re-growth. They were hanging on & I didn’t see the point in leaving them like that so I pulled them off. It will grow back. Hopefully with the year out I will have more time to invest in re-tightening so I can keep on top of it. Or I wont be silly and just make an appointment.

I’m trying to find something to moisturise my hair with. I don’t spray it with water every day as I don’t like the way my locs look and feel with it. I purchased JML Island oil the other day, love the smell and it seems to be moisturising my locs ok. I also bought the JML protein conditioner. Again love the smell and my hair felt nice and soft after it. It’s the first time I’m using both so I will see how it goes. I was meant to purchase some aloe but I clean 4got. If I don’t like these then I may try that. I guess I just have to try til I find something that I like.

The other day I made a hair tie, which I have gotton some compliments for. I will look to make some more at some point.

I never thought that my hair had grown. I knew it must have cos I had roots and re-tightening but I just thought it was the same length. . I saw a colleague last week who I hadn’t seen for a month & she said my hair had grown but I didn’t believe her. Until that is today when I did a collage of my hair and I was like wow my hair has grown. Still blows me away. The collage from the top is day of installation, 4 weeks, 6 months and a year. The pics of the year may look frizzy as I washed my hair two days ok and I had just finished a work out when the pics were taken and I sweat.

That’s about it really. Below are jus various pics. Oh year Liz gave me a side part because I forgot to remind her I have a centre one but I kinda like it so I may keep it.