Monday, 26 August 2013

6 Years Locked Down

I have been on lock down for 6 years (and 5 days). WOOHOOO!!!! 

I was not able to post a blog entry on the actual day of my locversary so it is a few days late. I can't believe that I have been sisterlocked for 6 years; the time has really flown by. 

I am still experiencing problems with the ends of my locs and I really do not know what to do about them. I am still finding that some of the ends are unravelling and it seems to be getting worse. I thought that they would eventually re-lock but that has not been happening; in fact they seem to be unravelling more. I am still finding some of my ends are weak and I am continuing to loose some of them (or I pull them off). I have lost about 2-3 inches of my ends. This in combination with the unravelling is not good at all. I have racked my brains I cannot find a reason for why the ends are coming undone. It is like my hair is rejecting the locs. The only thing I can think of is because I have coloured by hair. I did use a product that contained ammonia when I dyed it and I did put onto of each other to lift the colour, the two occasions that I did dye it. That is the only thing I can think of. I have no other explanation for why mature locs would suddenly start unravelling. It is really frustrating!

When you look at this picture compring year 6 (top) with year 5 (bottom) there does not seem to be much difference. Each year I am convinced that my hair as not grown and each year I am surprised at the comparison shots. This year there does not seem to be much difference. Although looking at it again I can see there is some. I usually wear a shoulderless top to take my annual pics but I was unable to this time or you would have been seeing more than you needed to. And it was harder to take the side shots as the hair naturally parted over my shoulders. I am not so much bothered about the length as I am about having healthy hair. Sometimes I think about cutting off the dyed ends to see if that would make a difference to my hair **SIGH**

I am still experiencing dryness with my locs (I wonder if that is contributing to the unravelling). I have tried everything I can think of combat it: shea butter (horrible), deep conditioning, vegetable glycerin, coconut oil, spritzing with water and oil blends, co-washing (I can see if working if I washed my hair every or every other day but I do not so i need a proper cleanse), caster oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera juice, homemade conditioners, pre-pooing and nothing has worked. I am really stumped with this! I wonder if the shampoo is too drying? I don't remember it being this dry when I first had my locs, so I wonder if it is stress, nutrition? I have done what I can on that front so I am stumped!

I recently did a presentation on sisterlocks at a natural hair event. At that event I won a goodie bag from Love Harlem, YEAH!!! So I am currently trying the avocado butter conditioning hairdress on my locs. I tend to use castor oil or jojoba oil on my roots and use this on the length of my hair. So far it is good and I will do a full review in the future. Trying to make my own products was getting too expensive

I also got some Rhassoul clay. I have not tired it as yet but I plan to for my next wash. It is supposed to leave your hair soft and manageable and not drying like shampoo. I have never tried bentonite clay. Some people swear by it, others say that it is really drying for their hair. However Rhassoul clay is meant to be very gentle so I am excited to dry it. 

I hope that you have been following my YouTube channel: chocolatebombuk. You can also find me Instagram: @KhandeeKhane. Below are some pics of styles I have done recently. 

I call this style a twisted bun