Sunday, 2 December 2007

Pipe Cleaner Curls

Well i promised if i did do curls using pipe cleaners that i would post the pics, so here they are. I put my hair in the PC on Thur evening, spritzin each section with water. I would have done it after i had washed my hair but i had washed it 4 days earlier and i didnt want to curl it then. It took much longer to put in than i thought it would. I was watchin tv whilst i did it and i think it took approx 2.5 hrs! yep that is not a typo 2.5 hrs. The PC that i had were too long so i had to cut them into 3, even then they were a bit too long for some sections. I think i used approx 59 PC altogether. I left the PC in over Friday. I took the day of work but i had to go into town so i had to cover my head as the PC were multi-coloured. I had a lacy scarf i used to use but of course you could see the PC through it. I bought a new satin scarf but some unknown reason i decided to buy a bright red one, so it would have been seen through. So in the end i put on the satin scarf, then put on a black cotton one and cos i dont really like it i had to put the lacy one on top of that. Talk about heavy. Luckily i was only out for a few hours and when i got back in it was a relief to get it off. I took the PC out Sat morning, the results can been seen below

I was in two minds about whether to leave my hair like that as i really loved the curls, but when i saw the back i thought, messy and decided to seperate the locs. But now i wish that i had just seperated the back and left the front ones in. The pics below were taken after i tried to tame the curls a lil. Its a pity that you don't full effect of how curly it was in the pics. I got loads of compliments at church so that was kool. Even though i loved the way my hair looked i think it would look better once the locs are formed.

Well i have tried 3 styles now and i am gona try and hold off styling until my locs have settled as i know it hinders the locking process. But i may do bantu knots at Christmas :)

Oh on a different note. I washed my hair last sun. The T/Gel seemed to have worked ok so far. I did one wash with that concentrating on my scalp. I didnt like the SL starter shampoo so i threw the rest away and i used the JML tingle shampoo that i brought. That felt fantastic, i think bcos it containted menthol so felt like my whole scalp head was being cleansed it was lovely. And i have a cold at the mo so it cleared my head inside as well. So far my head hasnt been itchy so i will see how it goes, esp after my next retightening. I hope i have found sommit that works. The only thing i didnt like about the JML was that it was soo thick that even though i had mixed it 1:1 with water it was still hard to spray it out of the bottle.

I shall keep you posted. Thanx for stopping by


sunsail said...

wow, 2.5 hours??? Umm, hmm. I would have to be in a bored, experimental mood to sit through that. I am such an un-hair diva, it's not even funny. I like the curls, too! I think this will be an effective and cheap way to get shirley temple curls a la brenda when your hair "grows up" a bit. Another option in your arsenal! Yeah!! :)

Anonymous said...

Looking good girl! I'll try the pipe cleaner curls one day when there is a good movie on the tv- lol

I got me some head wraps!!!!

Den in London

Anonymous said...

I`m glad the JML worked for your scalp. I love their products. They also do a medicated anti itch spray for when you are able to use them with your SL